How to run Microsoft Office 2007 in Linux using Wine

Many times have I done this, but never quickly. The reason – never wrote it down, thus forcing myself to have to search through loads of pages again and again… The secret is knowing which Windows libraries to install using winetricks, after that, it’s a simple process:

  •   Install latest Wine and cabextract
    sudo apt-get install wine
    sudo apt-get install cabextract
  • Get winetricks:
  • Install Windows libraries usin Winetricks:
    sh winetricks dotnet11
    sh winetricks gdiplus
    sh winetricks vb3run
    sh winetricks vb4run
    sh winetricks vb5run
    sh winetricks vb6run
    sh winetricks msxml3
    sh winetricks msxml4
    sh winetricks msxml6
    sh winetricks riched20
    sh winetricks riched30
    sh winetricks vcrun6
    sh winetricks vcrun2005sp1
    sh winetricks vcrun2008
    sh winetricks dotnet20

That’s it! Microsoft Office can now be installed by running the setup.exe from the installation CD… (wine setup.exe from console, or right click from file manager -> open with wine).


Nokia – a headless beast

Nokia 6650 foldIt really makes me sad to see Nokia do what it does best for years … shoot itself in the foot, and then smile and brag about it. I have had a few Nokia phones over the years, and it’s always been the same. Nokia creates a great and quality device, Nokia screws up – with either software or far too less memory or processing power that clouds all the other ways in which the device shines. And that’s how they got where they are, and that’s how they’re pushing the stone down the hill still…

I’m talking about the new Nokia – Microsoft partnership. It makes no sense to me. What I always expected, if Nokia was to jump the “sinking” Symbian ship, was that Nokia would start building Android devices. It would make much more sense. Android is a lot more like Symbian than WinPho. Nokia could create its own UI on top of it, and offer their own services through their Android devices, but even others! For example, give their excellent Nokia maps for free with Nokia devices just like they do now, but sell it to other Android users. And the obvious part is – Symbian is, even now, in essence open source in the same way, just like Android is. Development lead and done by a company, source shared with the world. It’s not that selling WinPho devices is bad, but it’s what every other device manufacturer does. Planning to relatively quickly replace most of your own smartphones in the market with new models and your own platform with a third-party one, and while you’re still the market leader… I’m.. stunned.

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