Changes, plans to write more

The existence of this blog, of course, does not mean I often remember the fact.

Roughly a year ago I changed my job. I’m now the head of IT at FER. One would think that there should have been some experiences to share and one would be correct.

The man should try and write more of these things, at least, if not more regularly. And the man should somehow force himself to do it, until it becomes more natural. So here’s how he will do it. By announcing a topic and making himself look bad if he doesn’t follow up.

So, here it is. I will write about how I had to change my developer’s perspective. A developer that lived stuck in the world in which the article “Living in the Age of Software Fuckery” is very true, to a perspective of a manager that basically is a part of the crew that could use the advice given in articles such as “How to Pay Programmers Less“. At the same time having in-depth knowledge of the software, and the technical debt that is bound to be payed eventually, to make the software viable and usable in the long-term.

So there it is. After that, we’ll see…

Happy 2017 to all trespassers!


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