openSUSE conference 2014 in Dubrovnik, Croatia!

openSUSE Conference 2013
oSC13 – community

Again, a new opportunity appeared – I have things to write on this poor neglected blog. I promised myself I would not let this one just go by, and would write at least a short post that roughly sums up how it came to be that oSC14 will take place in Dubrovnik, and about my visit to oSC13.

I have had the privilege to visit openSUSE conference 2013, in Thessaloniki this year. After a couple years trying and for various reasons in the end being unable to go, the universe has finally decided to get me there in an exciting way.

At the end of February 2013, the call for locations for oSC14 was announced. At that time, I was deep in organization of our (HrOpen and HULK) own DORS/CLUC conference. I was pretty sure I would be going to oSC13 when a notification of acceptance for a paper arrived. I was going to France in July. So, I lay off the plans to go to Greece – again, because I decided I would rather spend the traveling budget to push my Ph.D.

A few months go by, and during that time I start thinking that if I can’t go to oSC nicely, I’ll try to get oSC to come closer to me. So I talk to some people, of whom one is now a part of the local core team, and the idea is approached cautiously but accepted. Later I found out that some of them thought we had no chance in winning the organization of oSC14. Which was the main reason there weren’t many protests in the first place. 🙂

So, come the 28th of May, I barely recovered from burnout caused by DORS/CLUC 2013, and I’m mailing our candidacy for organization of oSC14. Guess I never learn. That’s when it all begun.
From that moment on I was exchanging emails with the board once in a while, talking to people in Dubrovnik and suddenly the ball was already rolling.


My visit to Thessaloniki was sudden. The week before oSC13, I got the information from openSUSE Board that we have been chosen, and that we will be organizing oSC14 in Croatia. I was supposed to show up at oSC13, meet the community and introduce the location for next year. With my budget for traveling in first two quarters already spent, the challenge was getting there. Especially since I had to book a flight on such short notice – there were no cheap ones left. This is where openSUSE stepped in with the Travel support program and made my visit possible. I got supported for a considerable part of my expenses. I still might get approved for a bit more, and the rest will be covered by HrOpen. When the reimbursement process is complete, I will update this article with precise numbers.

I got to Thessaloniki Thursday evening – too late for the welcome drink party, but was there for the rest of the show. Although I did take some time Friday morning to walk around the city. There is no point for me to retroactively cover the conference, the heart and soul of the amazing oSC13 can be experienced from twitter and G+ posts, and of course on, i.e.:

The conference begins, 2nd day, 3rd day, The infomercial etc.

All I can add is a great huge big thank you, on my part, for the experiences to the Greekos, the whole community, to new friends. I am very much looking forward to seeing you next year! We promise to work hard to uphold the high standards with the next conference.

Geekos in Dubrovnik

For oSC14, we have chosen Dubrovnik. The beautiful medieval town in the south-most region of Croatia. The one crucial partner will be University of Dubrovnik – that will, as far as organization is currently progressing, provide the conference venue. The introduction talk I gave at oSC13, can be found on youtube:

In addition to the traditional openSUSE Conference format, we will try to add a local feel to it. Any ideas are, of course, welcome!

We will start with organization activities, as soon the summer break is over. Then, the wild ride begins – Robert Schweikert.


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