Gnome 3 and how to make open source radeon driver play quitely

Gnome 3, or Gnome Shell apparently makes the worst in proprietary ATI Radeon drivers (fglrx) come out. Just tried to use the couple together in the new openSuSe 12.1 with grave consequences. There seems to be no hope with fixing that for now.

But, there is a way to fix fan speed control with the open source driver, if it’s not working for you… The only reason why I installed fglrx was because “radeon” open source driver was making my HD 4850 noisy. As it turns out, it’s relatively easy to fix that.

As root enter: echo “auto” > /sys/class/drm/card0/device/power_profile

Add that line to execute on boot, and the problem is solved…



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