Fixing slow Unity 3D in Ubuntu 11.04

I tried Unity the day Ubuntu 11.04 was launched on my Lenovo edge 13 packing a 1.3GHz Athlon Neo. I upgraded from Ubuntu 10.10 and the result was really bad. Suddenly desktop became slow and laggy, parts of the interface would constantly get corrupted, so a Fedora installation was called upon to purge the crappy new Ubuntu. A month later, I upgraded my desktop Ubuntu hoping I wouldn’t have to replace it with some other distribution, and as it turns out, it’s usable now. It can still be slow on Radeon hardware and after a little amount of googling these things came up:

  • From CCSM composite: disable Detect Refresh Rate
  • From CCSM OpenGL: disable Sync to Vblanc and set texture filter to fast
  • From Catalyst Control Center in display options disable Tear Free

Immediately after tweaking these settings, performance should be boosted noticeably.


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