How to install KDE on Windows

There’s a smallish bug in the KDE installer for Windows – there are no working mirrors on the proposed list, and consequently releases list will always be empty. Fortunately, a working mirror’s URL can be found on the mailing lists:

As I’m writing this, Amarok is playing my music, and Umbrello is waiting for me to continue editing some class diagrams.

What’s also nice, or rather sad, depends on the way you look at it, KDE apps work better for me in Windows than in Linux. Probably just a matter of Kwin and ATI drivers hating each other and thus providing a sluggish UI experience with lots of low framerate moments and lag…

As with most Windows software, there’s no 64 bit version, or at least I couldn’t find it. And though, it doesn’t matter much in terms of usability, it’s just a fact.  🙂


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