Into the wild

The title of this post might remind someone of the movie “Into the wild”. It is purposely so because like Christopher, who largely unprepared ventured into Alaskan wilderness, I’m releasing this, my first blog post into the wild without having any experience in blogging, writing or reading blogs for that matter. I often thought about starting a blog, but never did for a few reasons. It seemed that vanity or exhibitionism was something that drove all those blog writers. Or failed journalist ambitions. Lately, I’ve come to realize that this is a good way to write down one’s thoughts and ideas, and in the same way share them. It might also improve my english, the way that I express myself in writing. And eventually, if you get someone to read your writings, there’s a chance she’ll comment and some constructive criticism/conversation might follow. But also, since most of the day I spend writing code or doing some boring IT chores, I feel this creative writing actually makes me feel good. Like I’m addressing people. Even if I’m going to write about technology… And it’s not like emailing a friend or writing business emails. It just feels different and creative..

To wrap it up, I see this as some sort of a leap into the wild. And as is with all experiences in life, I expect this one to influence me – in a good way, I hope.


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